Understand the Power of the Personalized Pen-Drive Card for Your Customers

The market is fierce in all segments and standing out amid so many competitors has been a big challenge for marketing teams. That’s why you need to create good planning and effective strategies to captivate customers, and one action that always works is undoubtedly the delivery of corporate giveaways Dubai.


But even this pampering market is saturated and many professionals cannot stand being presented with “more of the same” items. That’s why the custom pen-drive card is the ideal choice, combining novelty and functionality: a pen drive in the shape of a magnetic card, which acts like a normal device that plugs into any USB port.

Are you still in doubt whether you should include pen-drive cards in your marketing strategy? So now know the benefits of this freebie and get ready to place your order at info@corporategift.me!


What is a pen-drive card?

Beautiful and easy to carry, the pen-drive card is not just an item with external features. This little device can bring countless valuable information about your company, product or service, acting as a fairly complete business card.


In it, you can save text files, photos and even videos from your campaigns! That would not be possible in any kind of traditional stationery.


Why are these corporate giveaways Dubai effective?

By taking the personalized pen-card card with you, the customer will always be in touch with your brand, knowing exactly who to turn to when you need a product or service similar to yours.

It is like an advertisement that is always with the consumer, leaving no room for competition.

Also, a device like this is always useful for passing files from person to person or simply to loan to a colleague: who never needed a pen drive to borrow, right? At this point, your brand reaches another potential customer and you can end up conquering the land that you never imagined!


What are the benefits of a custom pen-drive card?

With the ease of saving a variety of personalized messages, such as a thank you for a closed deal, messages to tighten the relationship with customers, suppliers or partners, texts to captivate your network of contacts – in short, it’s easy to insert special content into the pen device.


Another great feature of the pen-drive card is to enhance your digital marketing, advertising websites and social networks, for example. Keep in mind that the gift will already be in front of a computer when you are exploring the new gift, and can browse your digital content without any work.


Why use the pen-drive card in your campaigns?

We are experiencing a period when the brand experience is increasingly valued. Customers are attentive to the posture of the companies and look for products and services that match their way of living and thinking.


That’s why it’s critical to explore features like the pen-drive card in your branding strategy, to promote your brand and bring it closer to the customer. The more that happens, the greater the degree of satisfaction and loyalty of your audience.


Finally, corporate giveaways Dubai such as the custom pen-drive card offers many benefits for a low investment value: large space for advertising storage in an easy-to-carry device, long lifespan, possibility of personalized messages and practicality for those who gift and who receive.

We can agree that the custom pen-drive card is pretty cool, is not it? Visit our website, see our many options and talk to our customer service team right now: Corporategift.me.