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75-piece screwdriver set

75-piece screwdriver set. Professional set includes screwdriver,
1-piece adaptor, 1-piece square adaptor, ratchet handle, 11 sockets,
3 sets of bits, 34-piece of 25mm bits. This complete set comes in a
designed case with metal locks. Exclusive design. ABS and Stainless

STAC Multi Function MEASURER

Multi Function Measurer features a measuring tape, laser and
2 levelers. The perfect 4-in-1 combination. Packed in a STAC gift box.
Batteries incl. and inserted. ABS.


Gift set with Radar key chain torch and the Triton mini pocket
knife with 12 functions. In a Marksman gift box. Batter ies incl.
ABS, Aluminium and Stainless steel. Size box 8.6 x 2.3 x 10 cm

Despite the great changes in the role of men and women, where women have gained more and more prominence in society, it seems that some things do not change much. Man, as a rule, is still the one who dominates the use of tools.

It is they who really know how to use the screwdriver, the pliers, the hammer, the saw, and so many other tools of the most different names and utilities. Most of you love a toolbox, at least to have the basics and be able to turn around in an emergency in the house.

Turn and move, they need to take on the role of electricians, plumbers, furniture assemblers etc. They take care of this part of the house, even if it’s all about squeezing a loose bolt from the pan handle or replacing a light bulb.

Diversity of corporate tool gifts

At Corporate Gift, a company specializing in corporate gifts, the custom tool kit is among the featured options for gifting the “men of the house”. There are options of portable kits, practical kits with basic items and more complete ones. From corporate gifts to true gifts for different purposes – prizes, bonuses, etc.

Personalized corporate tools are the best choice for men or corporate gifts. Always with differentiated design, colors and materials, our corporate gifts appeal to all profiles and at all times.

Within this category, we have knives with rubberized body or metal with 4, 8 or 11 functions, with compass; complete tool kits with flashlight in the box itself; compact screwdrivers; compact tool kits; mini case with three screwdrivers; rechargeable flashlights, pocket flashlight for reading; among other options.

Besides the design, the refinement and the good taste, offered by specialized models; we guarantee the functionality and practicality of each item.

Reinforce identity of your company by corporate tool gifts

All of these corporate gift pieces are designed to be personalized with your company logo by different printing or recording processes appropriate to each type of material.

Add value to your brand and reinforce the identity of your company through corporate gifts such as Tool kit. These gift are just a few of different other corporate gift items offered by Corporate Gift.

How we can help your company for corporate gifts?

Corporate tools are targeted giveaways and our team of consultants is able to advise you on the best option. We study your strategy, analyze your briefing, and work within your budget to offer you the best and most innovative custom tools.

Our consultants follow your request from the first contact and work with all the options to provide you the most excellent. We have available products for delivery at right time.

Know all the options of our line of tools with your logo. Our service is agile and assertive; we guarantee that you will find exactly what you’re looking for. Make a great deal with the Corporate Gift.


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