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Sports Drinking Bottles


Wave insulating tumbler. Sporty double walled tumbler with
ergonomic design for easy comfortable grip. Push-on thumb slide lid.
Volume capacity is 500 ml. Presented in a gift box.

CABO water bag

this water bag with a push/pull drink spout can hold upto 600ml
and Incl. a karabiner for attaching to a bag. PE plastic.

SAHARA Aluminum Sports Bottle

Single-wall construction. 6mm carabiner with nylon strap.
Tethered cap with deluxe push/pull drink spout. Twiston lid.
Capacity 600 ml. Recyclable. BPA-free Aluminum.

The sports drinking bottles is a great gift option for promoting your company in events and marketing.

Ideal to be taken in gyms, in sports and to be used day by day, this bottle is a useful and practical product for those who want to be always hydrated. With excellent quality, the sports drinking bottles is manufactured in non-toxic material in capacities of 300 ml up to 750 ml.

Improve your company image in sports
Everyone likes to get gift, especially when it’s something super practical and useful for day to day, like a personalized sports drinking bottle – a perfect bottle to take anywhere. If you are thinking of a personalized toast that will please everyone, the personalized sports drinking bottle is a great choice.

These bottles can be made of plastic or metal and are great for carrying in the bag, leaving in the car, take to work or to the gym. They can be useful for carrying water, tea or juice and if they are still personalized, every time your customer uses it, they will remember you and your brand.

These personalized bottles can be used and distributed at trade shows and events. It is common for professionals to bring their bottles to these locations and it is very interesting to the image of your company if your employees take these personalized bottles with your company logo and brand identity.

On the other hand, if your company is thinking about motivating and engaging your employees, a great idea is to offer sports drinking bottles with the company logo and with encouraging phrases. It’s a great way to engage and motivate your people. In this way, employees who receive the bottle and feel like members of a team.

Another idea is to present your employees, customers and partners on the commemorative dates, with a personalized sports bottle. The idea is that the bottle is a tribute. So, choose a pretty sentence to print on the bottles, sending the date. Always remember to put the logo of your company and choose a pretty font.

Sports drinking bottles: Corporate gifting ideas

All the bottles of this line can be used as business gifts for customers, in the form of brand promotion, as well as for various employees and collaborators.

The personalized gift ideas for companies are totally innovative and within the most modern concepts of marketing. You will have a bottle of aluminum or other material in hand, with your printed mark and the ideal model for your institution.

All Corporate Gift sports drinking bottles are designed within modern, sturdy materials, resulting in giveaways for businesses with higher return on promotional campaigns.

There are different models, varied colors, and diverse materials, besides several bottles of different capacity, all according to your target audience.


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