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Traveller Bluetooth’ English & Arabic Keyboard. Lightweight keyboard which can be used with tablets, mobile phones, smart TVs and other devices with Bluetooth” function. The operating distance is upto 10 metres. Supplied in a gift box. ABS plastic. 355g. Size 28.5*12*1.8 cm

ZOOM gridlock Bluetooth keyboard

Aluminium protective keyboard cover and stand for tablets and smartphones. Bluetooth range of 10m. Aluminium and ABS plastic. Size 29*2*9 cm

Silicon phone wallet with stand

Silicon phone wallet with stand. This soft protective silicone wallet with adhesive tape can be easily attached on the back of your phone and holds 2 to 3 credit cards and/or ID cards. It can also be used as a phone stand. The silicone wallet with stand. Size 9.5*5.7*0.2 cm

PRISMA smartphone lens set

Special effect lenses. Clip the lens over your smart-phone to take fisheye, wide-angle, and macro effect pictures. Metal and ABS plastic. Size 8.5*3.5*8.2 cm

The personalized phone and tablet accessories are great gift to give to your business partners and customers. Tough and with good space to customize the logo, it is the ideal gift to promote your brand.

Phone and Tablet accessories: Gifting ideas

With the mobile phone support you can better visualize the screen, support the cell phone while doing your activities, etc. and some models, such as the personalized charging stand for charging cell phones, are perfect for when we need to charge the cell phone and we do not have location to support.

All in all, this accessory is a very useful toast that will certainly please both women and men – after all everyone today has a cell phone and will surely like to receive corporate gifts like these. So, offer personalized phone and tablet accessory gift with your company logo, your clients and business partners, on commemorative dates such as Christmas and Birthday.

Personalized cell phone cover is the ideal gift to protect your handset this is a cheap toast option that will always be on the customers and collaborators. From the simplest models, we personalize your cell phone pocket with digital printing and tampon printing. The personalized cell phone cover has ample space to promote and advertise your brand in promotional marketing actions.

Gifting phone and tablet accessories

And, if you make or sell computer products, for example, this toast is a good choice to be presented at trade shows and electronics events. Thus, you can present this gift to everybody who takes part in any game or game in your stand. In addition, you can also give a tote with your gift to your customer who visits your booth.

You can also give personalized mobile phone accessories to customer who buys a product at your company. Thus, the customers buy a product and win the gifts. It is an appealing strategy since your company will succeed in two lines: one because your sale will increase and one more because, because it’s a personalized corporate gift, your company will be made famous to everybody who uses this product.

Another idea is to offer this gift to your employees at holiday parties or even product launches. Print the logo of your company and offer it to all employees. They will love the toast and feel part of the company. Enjoy and use a beautiful package and place a beautiful card, thanking the dedication of your team.

How we can help you for corporate gifts?

Contact our sales department and ask for a quote. We dispatch personalized gifts for the whole national territory. Support for personalized phones and tablets accessories at the lowest price is here, at Corporate Gift. Enjoy!


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