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Jotter style stylus ballpoint pen which incl. new style Balmain clip,
blue ink pen pouch and Balmain gift box. Metal.

Ballpoint Pen GIFT SET

Balmain leather wrapped barrel ballpoint pen with imitation leather
pen pouch in Balmain gift box (size: 15 x 3.5 x 3 cm.).
Metal and imitation leather.


12-piece pencil set. 12 coloured pencils in wooden cylinder
pencil-shaped box. Decoration not available on components. Wood.

Although digital screens and keyboards have invaded modern day-to-day life, scrap notes and signatures on documents still depend on a pen, preferably blue or black ink. That is why Corporate Gift added to its several options of personalized pens and pencils to carry out the promotional action of your company.

With the Corporate Gift, you can add a touch of sophistication and add value to the most usual corporate gifts. The custom corporate pens and pencils also follow the line of innovative products and differentiated design. They are modern and those who receive them will have an object of extreme good taste that will certainly set their mark on any occasion.

Models of Pens and Pencils as corporate gifts

The marketer or manager of the promotion can choose between colored, metallic, rubberized or ecological models, made with recycled natural resources, such as bamboo and wood. Whatever your choice, Corporate Gift guarantees a personalization with modern stamping techniques, allowing the logo and / or slogan to be on the surface of the pen, reminding the brand image in the corporate gift memory whenever it uses the accessory.

We have several exclusive models: in leather cases, translucent cases, brushed metal, chromed with leather, with carbon fiber, metal clip, frosted metal, shiny, color silver, gold, with colored details, textured metal, metal pens with rubberized grip, pens with backlit engraving, mini pens, metal pens with flashlight and laser, pen highlighting text in metal (various colors), among others.

Diversity of corporate pen and pencil gifts

And since Corporate Gift constantly invests in innovation, in addition to ballpoint pens, the catalog still offers options for highlighter pens – ideal for highlighting important paragraphs in a report, article or handout, for example – and pens with tips specially designed for use on touch screens. You can also choose pen and case combinations with executive sophistication if the target audience for the promotion is more demanding.

During the choice of corporate pen gifts, your company can have the full support of Corporate Gift, which has a team specializing in promotional marketing trends. This way, it’s easier to know the expectations of the target audience and the launches of gifts that best suit your promotional goals. And more: the team accompanies you from the order of the toast to the final art – graphic detailing of the logo and the insertion made with special machinery.

How we can help your company for corporate gifts?

Our consultants are able to guide you in choosing the best personalized corporate pens and pencils from the first contact. We analyze your needs and offer you the most appropriate options and the best value for money. We guarantee the quality of the materials and finishes and the durability of the corporate pens. We have options for all audiences, but we highlight our line developed especially for the corporate market.

Know all the options of our line and invest in a corporate pens and pencils. Add value to your action!


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