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Outdoor Activities

RAILAY Beach Set

Frisbee, beach game, 6-can cooler bag and in Hatable beach ball and
pillow bag. PVC.

MATIRA Beach Game Bat and ball beach game with 2 bats and a
small rubber ball Wood.

Triton Golf Valuables Pouch

Large ID window for golf scorecards. Exterior zippered pocket.
Quick clasp attaches to standard golf bag D-rings. Unzips to hold
three golf balls in removable zippered pouch. Breathable mesh pocket.
Attachments to secure six tees and divot replacement tool.
Two additional interior pockets. Size 17.1 x 4.4 x 14.6 cm

The custom bag gifts for outdoor activities are great gifts to offer to your customers and business partners. It is ideal for using them to keep important items organized along while moving out of company, home or country. They are compact, lightweight and portable with a high degree of attachment; this product is compatible with any person.

Nowadays every business man has bag, backpack or purse and uses it practically everywhere, so this handy product is fundamental for those who need their important items during outdoor activities.

Outdoor activity bags: A great way to advertise your brand

The custom bags for outdoor activity are great for delivery at corporate events and sales training. In this way, employees and customers can use the company-branded personalized bags during their outdoor activities. It’s a way of showing how much the company cares about this kind of detail in the presentation – which has a very positive impact.

Enjoy customizing all the items in the bags too, so that everything looks more professional. It’s a great way to advertise your brand!

Outdoor activity bags: Gifting ideas

For all this, custom bag gifts are very useful gifts that will surely please both men and women – since everyone needs a product like these, right? So, offer this personalized corporate gift with your company logo, your customers and business partners, on memorial dates.

And, if your company makes or sells electronics, this gift is a good option to be offered at trade shows and corporate events. In this way, you can offer this to everyone who participates in any activity in your stand. Additionally, you can also offer a tote bag with this gift to your customers who visit your booth.

Another tip is to offer personalized outdoor activity bag to customers who buy a product in their store. Thus, the customer buys a product and wins the gift. It is an interesting strategy because your company will win in two ways: one because your sales will increase and another because, as it is a personalized gift, your brand will be made known to everyone who comes in contact with this product.

How we can help your company for corporate gifts?

We have several models in our portfolio and one is sure to fit the profile of your company. Investing in outdoor activity bag gifts is investing in the image of your company.

Contact our sales department and learn how to purchase personalized outdoor activity bags at wholesale promotional prices. We look forward to your call.

We ship to the whole UAE. Enjoy!


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