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Hagen two-tone lanyard with adjustable disc. Lanyard for holding a
name badge, ID card, or keys. Includes adjustable plastic disc for
logo decoration. The breakaway closure eliminates choking hazards


Identify badge holder. Large main zipped-top pocket. Clear PVC pocket
on each side for badge/ID display. Includes elastic pen loop and
break-away closure, which is required by EU law and eliminates
choking hazard. Front window size: 9.5 x 10.1 cm.


Castor beam light. Bright white LED key light with push button.
Split metal key ring. Batteries incl uded. ABS plastic.

The classic gifts, as the name suggests, are those that never go out of style and can please a large number of people, regardless of age, gender or style. The key rings enter this roll of corporate gifts for any time, or rather, for any promotional strategy.

Key rings: Great corporate gift for every sector

Many of our promotional key rings have unique design and stand out for their good taste, practicality and functionality. They are different models that please on numerous occasions. Our key rings are great gifts for the automotive, real estate, banking segment, no matter the area of operation. All the options are personalized and will match what you are looking for. We work with prompt delivery and throughout Dubai.

And whether it is to attract new customers, retains loyalty to the old ones or just promotes the image of the brand in an accessory that combines functionality and modernity, your company can count on the expertise of Corporate Gift, choosing the option that best fits the promotion objectives in one wide and diversified catalog.

Different models of corporate key ring gifts

The portfolio of our personalized key rings reserve alternatives in high quality materials such as matte or chrome metal and synthetic leather, both for those who seek to offer a discreet accessory without, however, renouncing sophistication. The finish is a differential: all the key rings can be personalized with your logo and slogan, in the latest machinery that print the laser or pad printing.

And for companies that want to go a little further in the elegance and refinement, Corporate Gift offers special packages for the key rings, identity badge holders and castor beam lights for corporate gift. In this way, the client or collaborator will be surprised not only by the accessory, but also by the good taste and attention to the minutiae, which will transform the present into a real “treat”.

If, by chance, your company does not know the best product for the next promotional action, Corporate Gift consultants are always at your disposal to suggest, give an opinion and explain about the main trends in the sector, as well as innovative possibilities according to your goals and budget criteria.

It is for having a catalog that is always updated and so attentive to the needs of its customers, that we received the honor of reaching the first place in the top quality and referential prizes for companies in the segment of corporate gifts. It has been more than thirty years taking creativity and innovation to promotional actions of stores, shops, agencies, corporations and even industries.

Discover all the custom key rings, identity badge holders and castor beam lights we have prepared for your company. The customized products can be requested by form, email or phone.

Be assured of a great deal with the custom key rings key ring products.


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