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Wallet & BALLPOINT Pen Gift Set

Balmain stylish gift set. Leather-wrapped ballpoint pen comes with a
matching wallet. Packed in a Balmain gift box
(size: 14.8 x 13.8 x 106’0400 2.8cm). Metal and Imitation leather


Pair of Balmain ballpoint and rollerball pens finished in printed
carbon fibre. Incl. pouch, packed in Balmain
gift box (size: 17.8 x 11.3 x 2.8cm). Metal.


Exclusive Balmain set incl. a mechanical pencil, rollerball pen,
ballpoint pen and matching imitation 10609100 leather pen pouch in
Balmain gift box (size: 18.5 x 17 x 3.5 cm). Metal and imitation

When you complement your event or action with corporate gifts, especially with unique and sophisticated models, your target audience will be more motivated to get to know your company and products. These VIP gifts are crucial and indispensable to mark your brand presence in the market, establish a long-term relationship with your best customers or reward your most outstanding employees.

The need for new creative gift ideas for brand building has become a frequent task in the marketing industries of most companies. We know that finding the best products at good prices is not an easy task, which is why Corporate Gift excels at corporate gifts in general, and corporate gift sets in particular.

Corporate gift sets are complementary piece sets, with a particular function, that offer the experience of facilitating the execution of a specific task.

When to offer custom corporate gift sets?

Occasions are diverse and options as well. You can use company-printed corporate kits for employee awards, courses and trainings, visiting an important client, commemorative dates, or other special occasions.

They are executive, wellness, mini bowl kit, barbecue kits, cheese kits, takeaways, manicures and more. Always note if your campaign can be leveraged with another event occurring in parallel.

Plan your event in detail

It is important to plan this type of action well, especially by choosing parts that are linked in some way to the activity of your company. Also consider the need at the moment of delivery of the product, for example, if you are organizing a training program, a pen, briefcase or notebook would be an appreciated toast. Questions such as the colors of the logo and its print on the piece should be carefully defined.

As perceived high-value personalized gifts, they are often used in events targeted to a VIP target audience (executive level or board).

Choosing the right gift set for your business
Mainly, choose useful and functional items because that makes all the difference. Choose wisely within the corporate gift sets for executives that Corporate Gift offers. Remember that it is your brand that will be stamped there and therefore your attention needs to be more than special.

Learn how to buy the gift for your company

You can order your differentiated gifts for customers by clicking on the “Request Quote” button, by email, or by phone. With our personalized corporate gift sets, your event will become even more special, staying in the memory of your target audience for a long time. Our delivery service, serves the entire UAE territory.

If you would like more information on custom corporate kits please contact Corporate Gift. Our team assists companies from north to south of the country with fast deliveries and individualized service!


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