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Car Accessories

STAC POLE Dual Car Adapter

Dual plug adapter. USB output: 5 Volts / 2.0 Amps. Input: 12V-24V.
Suitable for cars and trucks. ABS plastic.

STAC PB-1400 Car Power Bank

Charger and torch. Plugs into your cigarette lighter or computer
to charge the built-in battery to use 13403300 as a power bank.
Packed in a STAC gift box. Built-in rechargeable battery.
Exclusive design. ABS plastic.

PROFESSIONAL Safety Vest in Pouch

Professional safety vest in pouch. EN 471 compliant. Incl.
pouch. Polyester.

The personalized car accessories gifts of Corporate Gift are excellent to combine the needs of the day the customer’s day, with the encouragement of brand recall – which is a perfect combination for those who want to retain and strengthen the company name.

Personalized car accessories: Gifting ideas

We have all kinds of personalized car accessories gifts such as: the car cover, the car charger, the car organizers and even GPS – all customizable.

They are perfect gifts to be offered to your customers and business partners, since they are also useful, democratic (both men and women) and are durable. In fact, automotive gifts are very useful for everyone who owns automobiles, after all, today we have been trapped in traffic for a long time and a good way to organize ourselves and take advantage of this wasted time is using automotive accessories such as chargers, GPS and organizers.

In addition, everyone likes to have a clean and organized car. The car charger, for example, is a hand on the wheel to use while we are in the car – so we have arrived at the desired location with the cell phone loaded. For all this, it is a good idea to offer your customers personalized automotive gifts, on special dates such as: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. It is a great strategy of relationship with your customers allying the disclosure of your brand in these accessories, which will be exposed for a long time to several people who get in touch with their gifts. They will love the gift!

Another cool idea is to offer these gifts in promotional actions in your store. Thus, for purchases above a certain value, the customer earns a personalized car accessories gift with your company’s logo. An excellent strategy to advertise your brand besides promoting the increase in sales of your store!

You can use these gifts as well in motivational actions of your team. Take advantage of the holiday season and give the best employees a personalized car toast. They will love it and strive to receive the prizes!

How we can help your company for personalized gifts?

We are not only concerned with selling good personalized gifts, we have a specially trained team to advise you on choosing the most appropriate personalized car accessories gifts for your budget and your goals.

Invest in personalized gifts and have an important marketing tool at trade shows, events, promotions, product launches, and many other occasions. Your brand is valued and becomes part of the day to day of customers and suppliers. There are several personalized gift options at Corporate Gift to place your brand or promote a product, service or promotion.

Personalized car accessories gifts with quality and variety you can find here.

Contact our sale department and make a quotation. We deliver to the whole country.

Our goal is to add originality, quality, and good taste to your marketing actions.


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