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Brainiac 3-piece wooden brainteasers. 3 in 1 puzzle set in a wooden
gift box. Decoration not available on puzzle. Wood.
Size 18.1 x 7 x 7.8 cm


203 Solfee brainteaser. Square wooden brainteaser that comes in a
cotton pouch. Decoration not available on puzzle. Wood.
Size 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm

Corporate games are distributed as a gift to customers, partners and employees. It is an easy, light, very enjoyable and very useful toast to advertise your business.

They can be distributed in promotional and marketing actions, further highlighting the name of your company and brands. If you want to show that you care about improving customer’s experience, and are interested in disclosing this to customers and business partners, it’s a great idea to use personalized brain games, customizing with your brand and visual identity.

There are several models of brain games for you to choose the best that fits the profile of who will receive this type of gift. If the person is an executive or company employee, it would be interesting to offer those brain game gifts with relevant contents – they will love and enjoy it because it is very useful.

Gifts of brain games: Memory retention of your brands

No matter what your memory is, one thing is certain, you remember this moment because the experience was full of emotions.

In the process of developing people and teams, we need to improve experiences through emotions. The more striking the moment of experience, the more likely we are able to keep memory.

That is what incorporating corporate brain game gifts as a way to increase its results in the process of team development and also as an influencing factor in the business strategy.

It is well known that when people engage in activities that use skills that are useful on a day to day basis, memory retention is approximately 80% of the promotional content. This number is quite expressive compared to only 10% memory retention with reading, or 50% if compared to a speech. Not that they are outdated learning models, but when they complement brain game gifts, more complex processes they make ROI much more attractive!

Corporate brain games gifts improves activities more efficiently among employees and customers without the experience not being impaired.

For this, brain game gifts are most significant contents for your targeted audience to be trained.

Brain game gifts: Team building tool

Corporate brain games that talk about strategy help company team recognize the importance of execution from a previous plan.

Brain game gifts develop skills related to the team and the best use of the team in maximizing results. To do this, these corporate gifts help recognize the existing leadership, exercise their communication and, above all, keep the focus on the common goal of the team.

Regardless of the type of need, brain game gifts can always help elucidate issues that in traditional training structures would not be seen so clearly.

Corporate games are great tools to transport employees from an unfavorable condition to a successful position.

How we can help your company?
So choose the best corporate game gift, use the theme of your visual identity and customize with your logo!

Here at Corporate Gift, varieties of corporate games with excellent quality and promotional prices you can find.

Make a budget. We are waiting for your call. Enjoy!


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