Personalized Pens for Corporate Gifts: Meet 6 Models

For those who seek to attract the attention of customers and improve the disclosure of your brand in a simple way, here is an investment tip: personalized pens for gifts. It is a general product offered by most corporate gifts suppliers Dubai.

It is a cheap option that helps to promote the company in a practical and creative way. Pens are objects that are very used every day, making the customer remember the mark at different times.

Like the idea? Be aware that there are different models for you to choose. We list 6 options for you to give away your customer and at the same time invest in marketing.


Mont Blanc Pen1. Pen with the logo


It is the most classic option. A simple pen accompanied by the logo is always a good request due to its discretion and practicality for those who use it. In this case, always choose the blue or black ink.

You can also use the classic template to advertise an event of your company, such as an exhibition, stock burning, and charity action or even announce a new product.


Pen With marker text2. Set of pens with mark text


With a small price difference compared to the above model, branded pens are great gifts for anyone who wants to offer something out of the ordinary. Because it is a model that demonstrates practicality, the ideal is to opt for the classic colours.

However, if you want to surprise your customer, even more, you can invest in branded pens of different colours that can be stored in a holder with the company logo.


Pen-knife Pen3. Penknife pen


The penknife pen is an alternative for those who want to add value to a specific audience. They are very useful for small jobs requiring cuts or for day-to-day situations.

Leave room for the customer to customize the penknife pen, if you like it, and do not forget to stamp your brand on the gift so everyone will see that your company is differentiated.

4. Pen with pets

It is a good gift for those who have children and parents as their public. They can be used by paediatricians, children’s clothing stores, shoe stores and others.

Even if children are not responsible for payment, they have the power to persuade parents to go somewhere for the interest in winning toys.


laser pens5. Laser pen


These corporate gifts are an excellent choice for business people and also for teachers and lecturers. It is a multifunctional gift aimed at professionals who act with looks aimed at them at all times.

Very useful for presentations, the laser pen should have a more sophisticated air and present a better quality. You do not want the laser to leave your client on hand when he needs it most, does not he?


pen with drawstring6. Pen with drawstring


Our last tip is great for pleasing those people who do not work inside an office, such as salespeople, for example. Because they need to move and serve more than one person most of the time, they live by losing their pen.

Corporate gifts suppliers Dubai to buy gifts for your corporate marketing
There are several corporate gifts suppliers Dubai around offering classy gifts according to your particular needs. Consulting them is a good idea as they can provide you with the quality marketing ideas through different types of pens.

Which of these options for personalized pens for gifts is ideal? It is important that you keep in mind your target audience to succeed in the action. Now, if you want more gift options, contact us at