6 Gift Suggestions for the End of the Year

Leaving the front of the competition is not always easy. Therefore, it is essential to think of ways to differentiate yourself from other companies to delight more customers and provide a better shopping experience for them. One way to do this is to distribute end-of-year promotional giveaways Dubai to your clientele.

At this end of the year, the moment becomes even more propitious for this. However, you should be careful about what items to produce. In addition to look for customizable products, you need to understand which ones will be most used by your audience.

In today’s post you will see 6 interesting suggestions to make the end of the year of your customers more interesting, improving the way the brand is seen in the market and attracting more consumers. Are you ready to make the choice? Good reading!

6 end-of-year promotional giveaways Dubai


gift card 1. Pen-drive cards


This item is an efficient, modern, and easy-to-carry form offering new ways to present your proposal, products, or services. In addition, it is customizable and provides several utilities and advantages.

You can use them to:

• Business cards;
• Name tags;
• Promotional campaigns.

In addition, your brand can strengthen the positioning of your business, making it more recognized. You can use the logo, contact information such as websites, social networks and telephone.

And you still have the option to choose between models of different materials (such as plastic and wood) and capacities (4, 8 and 16GB).


pens2. Pens


Although it is nothing new, pens are still interesting gifts for their customers, since they are extremely necessary on a daily basis.

There are several options to choose from, such as:

• Metal;
• Ecological;
• Laser;
• Mark text;
• For tablet;
• Plastic.


squeezes3. Squeezes


Another interesting possibility, especially in summer, is the squeeze. With the arrival of the hottest times of the year, your customers will love the freebie to cool off. In addition, customizations create beautiful products that match your brand and differentiate you from the more traditional items. The best-known models are the flexible, foldable, plastic and aluminium.


calendar4. Calendars


The calendars can be used by its customers throughout the year. So it’s worth customizing them to inform your company’s key data and provide an enjoyable experience for your consumers.


key chain5. Key-chains


If you want to combine variety with utility, be sure to check out the options that the key-rings can provide for you. To do this, find out what your audience’s biggest interests are.

Some of the possibilities are:

• Metal;
• Plastic;
• Opener;
• Tools;
• Flashlight;
• Tape.


notebooks6. Notepads


Finally, notebooks are used for the daily activities of your clientele. While there are simple and advanced templates, you can make them feel privileged to be your customers.

The main options are:

• Acrylic cover;
• Cover and bamboo cane;
• Plastic coating;
• Ecological;
• The cover on craft paper.

End-of-the-year promotional giveaways Dubai are exciting ways for you to take advantage of the thrills created at the end of the year to promote your brand. Think about the ideals of the moment (such as eco-friendly items) and which products best fit the needs of users. In this way, the experience of your consumers will be better, which is useful for customer loyalty and attraction of others.

Do you still have any questions about the usefulness of this strategy? So contact us at info@corporategift.me and find about how to invest in creative and useful gifts!